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Royal Dates company was established on 2016. Our main product is the best quality of Royal Tunisian Dates. We are appreciated in the Europe and in many other countries because the excellent taste of our Royal Tunisian Dates , we have all kinds of Royal Dates : fresh dates, processed dates, pitted dates and stuffed dates with all kinds of nuts, chocolate and so much more.
Royal Dates company offer only the best quality of Royal Tunisian Dates at very good prices.We are selling by retail and wholesale.
Main office is located in Tunisia. we are also available in France and Ukraine.


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Royal Tunisian Dates

Deglet Nour


Royal Tunisian dates grow at the heart of the oasis of the Tunisian Sahara (Kebili). Deglet Nour the most popular variety of dates in the world , it’s nicknamed as Queen of dates for the exceptional quality of its appearance and taste.

“The palm tree saw the feet in the water and head in the sun” as they say. A well-maintained palm tree can produce up to 100 kg of dates. Annual production of Dates in Tunisia is 305,000 tons per year (2017).

There are over three hundred varieties of dates including the famous Royal Dates. But only three are marketed: Deglet Nour, Ftimi and Akhouat.

Royal Tunisian Dates

Health benefits


Royal dates help to regulate the intestinal transit. Rich in glucose, fructose and sucrose, they are an excellent source of energy for cells.
Nutritional value of dates:

Portion of 100 g
Energy value: 280 cal
Cal Protein: 2.2 g
Fat: 0.5 g of Which Saturated Fatty Acids: 0 g
Carbs: 26.9 g
Food fiber: 2.7 g
Salt: 0 g
Calcium: 41 mg
Phosphorus: 38 mg
Iron: 2.1 mg
Sodium: 17mg

4236, Souklahad, Kebili , TUNISIA


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